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Got Points?

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TuwA Points

 Got Points?

Every TuwA Point™ earned automatically creates PLANET REWARDS:

PLANET REWARDS - each point = 1 pound of carbon offset purchased (converted metric tons)

Welcome to our TuwA Community, an Earth Community for people and planet!

Every time our Earth Community shoppers buy a product they earn and accumulate points. You can keep track of your points in your My Account page including points by purchase, purchase date and order number. You can also redeem your points at any time towards a new purchase.


Every point earned turns into 1 pound of carbon offset that TuwA purchases from We have specifically asked our partners at Carbonfund to put all of our donations towards renewable energy projects. The construction of renewable sources of energy has a great dual impact - it reduces the amount of energy derived from polluting sources like coal-fired facilities AND it creates green jobs to help our economy!

(You can also use your points to send the gift certificate to a friend or family member. Just click on the gift certificate option instead of "Redeem". Fill out the card information per the instructions and the gift certificate will be sent as a gift.)  

NOTE: Our TuwA™ Points program is only eligible to customers who purchase with a credit card or use PayPal. An account must be established in order for our system to track your reward points.